How can I reset my network and start from scratch? xp pro

  SANAP 11:41 30 May 2012

I had my network running seamlessly for years, I set it up using a guide from a magazine and had both wired and wireless working A1 and originally it was all win xp pro, 2 desktops and a laptop but got a macbook pro and got that using printer, sharing fies etc. All no problem and it was all easy peasy BUT I have mucked up big time and I think it was because I downloaded some system cleaning software, advanced care, toolwiz and pc pitstop but I was not paying attention and I am sure I clicked a few buttons I should not have done. Result disaster, no longer can share files or print etc.

All I want to do is reset everything and start afresh but how do I do that? I use a netgear router with norton security on main desktop.

I have a wii, an xbox, apple tv running as well along with 2 desktops, a laptop and a macbook pro.

Tried a few things but nothing worked, when I click on network places I get a list of shared folders but end location shows internet!!! I have to use netgear switch boxes as well but should not have caused the problem.



  mgmcc 10:12 31 May 2012

If the problem is with a particular PC whose files and printer(s) are shared, the first thing to try would be a System Restore in case your "cleaning" software has messed up registry entries.

Setting up a network is just a matter of configuring settings so there isn't anything that you can actually "uninstall" and "reinstall" to get it working again.

  frankmartin 12:55 31 May 2012

Just go to Control panel then the System and Giving heart, look remaining and choose "manage network connections" at the relationships screen just right simply click on one of the relationships and delate as required.

  SANAP 01:02 01 Jun 2012

thanks both, not sure what you mean frank its xp i have got, I tried a few things, i got one pc to connect to another but not vice versa,

try again tomoro

  mgmcc 08:10 01 Jun 2012

Something to try is to "unshare" any folders and printers that are currently shared, reboot the PC and then set up all of the shares again.

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