How can I remove XP network password?

  joethebow 17:57 20 Jan 2004

A not very computer literate friend of mine has a laptop running XP.

The laptop has a network password which he does not know. It is stopping him moving some files.

Could anyone tell me how to remove this password and the Windows login password from XP if you do not know the current passwords?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:59 20 Jan 2004

There is usaully a good reason why a computer has a network password. ;-))


  smegs 18:03 20 Jan 2004

Agree with U GANDALF <|:-)>

  [email protected] 18:37 20 Jan 2004

this may be of help but at a cost click here

  BillEmm 18:45 20 Jan 2004

that is the laptop my friend had removed from his car? If so, he has the password!

  joethebow 19:20 20 Jan 2004

The guy is a local farmer. He hasn't stolen or bought it off the back of a lorry. Each time he buys new hardware it comes with preinstalled everything.

Unfortunately he's the most disorganised person you've ever met. If it isn't nailed to the PC it's gona get lost within a couple of weeks.

He's had the laptop just over a year, it's covered in pig and cow manure, I kid you not.
As usual he has no idea where the original documentation or software is.

He came to see me the other day and we tried to network his laptop to one of my PCs so we could transfer some files but the network administrator password stopped us transferring anything.

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