How can I remove scratches from my PC Screen?

  Rachel10 14:53 15 Jul 2003

My EIZO T561 CRT Monitor has a number of surface scratches on it. Could anyone recommend a home remedy to remove these scratches. Thanks!

  Big Elf 15:03 15 Jul 2003

Turtle Wax 'Super Glass Polish' from a car accessory shop at £2.99. It's meant for car windscreens and claims to remove light scratches.

  Djohn 15:07 15 Jul 2003

Will this not affect the anti-glare coating on the screen?

  Big Elf 15:10 15 Jul 2003

Good point Djohn. I'd forgotten about that.

  Djohn 15:16 15 Jul 2003

I don't know as to what effect this would have, and if the coating is removed, will this be preferable to looking at the scratches? j.

  Big Elf 15:30 15 Jul 2003

Although the screen is scratched it may prove tough to remove the rest of the coating. A lighly tinted glass anti-reflective screen does help to mask screen marks to some extent.

  Bodi 15:33 15 Jul 2003

Jeweller's rouge, although haven't used it on monitor screens have used it on TV screens with some success.

Might help


  Foolsbane_1 15:39 15 Jul 2003

I wonder if a CD scratch repair solution might work click here

  Foolsbane_1 15:41 15 Jul 2003

My Mum swears by Brasso and old newspaper.

She doesn't own a computer.

And she isn't allowed in the same postcode as mine!!!


  Djohn 15:43 15 Jul 2003


  Rachel10 15:48 15 Jul 2003

Sorry for being ignorant but are you saying that I should try Brasso or Jeweller' Rouge?

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