how can i record a phone call

  KEITH 1955 12:08 22 Jul 2018

ok I know this is a strange one but …..

my internet provider keeps ringing me and saying I can have a free upgrade from unlimited standard broadband to unlimited fibre optic super fast. I have paused there tv adds and read the small print so I ask them whats the catch , they say their is no catch .

If I managed to record the conversation and took them up on the offer and then got extra charges I could use the recording to say I had been lied to.

So , whats the easiest way to record the call .

Has anybody had a free fibre optic upgrade that did turn out to be free.

Just in case my providers employees read this I am not saying who I am with.

  Govan1x 12:21 22 Jul 2018

All been free to me using Virgin Media.

  Pine Man 15:14 22 Jul 2018

Never had a problem with Sky - in fact usually, as soon as we have reached agreement on the new contract, an email arrives confirming that agreement.

  wee eddie 15:56 22 Jul 2018

Recording a phone call presents several legal problems which is why most Companies tell you that your call will be recorded for "training" purposes.

Incidentally, on President Trump's recorded discussion. I was under the impression that all my professional contacts, Accountants, Lawyers, Police and Fire brigade, etc, keep a record of all calls made to and by them, for the record. I am surprised that he is surprised.

Of course the content of these conversations would come under the heading of Client Privilege and never be released to the public. However, should the Police have reason to search my premises, they would retain a copy, for their records of course, as they might be relevant to some future matter.

  bremner 16:31 22 Jul 2018

There is no legal problem for an individual to record their calls so long as it is only for their own purposes and they are not going to provide it to a third party.

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  lotvic 17:37 22 Jul 2018

BT have been gradually upgrading speed for existing customers for free

click here

  KEITH 1955 18:17 22 Jul 2018

Hi lotvic , the last sentence of the article sums up why I wont take up the offer … future price increases cant be ruled out. BTW I think you must be telepathic cos I am now prepared to say I am with bt.

Just like the article states I don't believe I wont be hit with future price increase.

I am on BT top unlimited package and apart from MAYBE a future price increase , the main reason I wont change to a faster system is because I am half a mile from the exchange , I check latency and ping rate on games that allow it and I am more than satisfied 24/7 with my current set up.

  Forum Editor 09:23 24 Jul 2018

As bremner points out, there is nothing to stop an individual recording a phone call, but the recording cannot legally be passed to a third party without the first party's agreement.

That means you can't use the recording as evidence in a court action, or even pass it to your lawyer.

In any case. all this is pointless - if you agree to a change in your ISP package you will receive a written confirmation, and that confirmation has to include details of any additional charges.

No company can ever rule out price increases in the future - even your existing BT package has that in the terms and conditions. If you are not prepared to accept a price increase, you can simply move to another ISP (and pay their price increases when they come).

  Scott will 14:26 24 Jul 2018

Hey, i think that if you want to record a phone conversation, then i think you should try google voice, it can help.

  BT 17:08 24 Jul 2018

..which is why most Companies tell you that your call will be recorded for "training" purposes.

Not necessarily especially if THEY call YOU. I was called this afternoon by my car dealer. My car had been in for servicing, MOT and a repair and they called me to take my payment before delivering my car back to me. The young lady told me the details of the charges and then got ready to take my Card Details but before she did she said she would 'turn off recording due to the new privacy rules' and I heard a double beep. After taking my card details she turned the recording back on. There was no mention of calls being recorded at the start and I don't recall it when I called to book the appointment a couple of weeks ago.

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