How Can I Read Amstrad PCW 8256 Floppies?

  s99Raj 17:59 07 Mar 2005

I have some floppies which were once used on an Amstrad PCW 8256 and contain some vital info, in Word Processing format (using whatever Word Processor the 8256 used then, I forget what is was).

Is there any way I can read them on a modern PC? I've tried just sticking them in to a floppy drive and reading them using Word or Wordpad etc. but with no luck. Is there any program for the PC that will let me read these floppies (apart from looking for an old 8256 on ebay etc.)?

  Jeffers22 18:05 07 Mar 2005

It was a proprietary format, so the answer is no. I'm sure though that if you googled it you'd find an emulation program or reader freely available somewhere.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:17 07 Mar 2005

click here

or try here for an emulator click here

  pj123 18:29 07 Mar 2005

It was called LocoScript. Not compatible with anything. Give this place a try: click here

or even here:

click here

  Newuser38 18:50 07 Mar 2005

click here This is the site of a firm that does conversions of locoscript etc. Have only used them for new drive bands for the PCW8256, so have no knowledge of how efficient they are fo conversions. I could never get the emulators to work. In the end I set up the old machine, got it going printed the documemnts I wanted and scanned them into word.

  Newuser38 13:54 19 Mar 2005

Did you solve the problem. If so please tell us how and give us a green tick.

  s99Raj 16:24 19 Mar 2005

Not solved yet - still working on it.....

  Jak_1 16:35 19 Mar 2005

The big problem, unless you have a later version of the pcw, is that both the 8526 and the 9516 used 3 inch floppies. Suggest you do as Newuser38 has done.

The 9516 was my introduction to the world of computing way back in the late 80's, 1980's that is not 1880's lol.

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