How can I protect ALL my MSW files ?

  Antonio Machado 03:48 24 Jun 2010

Hello experts !

I have long time working with Microsoft Word, having hundreds of files and documents with tons of information.

As I am the only one who uses my p.c. I have had not need need of a password to all my files.

But in a few weeks they will come a lot of relatives and of course they will use this p.c. a lot, so I was wondering how could I set up a "log in password" so to keep my privacy and being myself the only one with access to all these MSW documents ? I have tried creating different users from the Start menu but still all the users have access to MSW documents, precisely what I am trying to avoid. Thanks in advance for your help, best, Antonio.

  gengiscant 08:12 24 Jun 2010

1. Click the Microsoft Office Button, and then click Save As.

2. Click Tools, and then click General Options.

3. You can type a password in Password to open or Password to modify.

4. Click OK.

5. When prompted, retype your passwords to confirm them, and click OK.

6. Click Save.

More here:click here

  Andsome 08:26 24 Jun 2010

You could of course save them all to a memory stick, and keep a copy off the computer.

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