How can i proove an email was sent?

  Blanc Glacier 20:08 26 Feb 2004

Hi a friend of mine has to proove to a company that she has sent an email to them at the time she said otehrwise she will get fined. (Don't ask why!) Anyway besides the point, she is using Freeserve and sent it from there. The only thing i have suggested is that she gives Freeserve a call asking them if they can proove that the email was sent at the time that she said. I have also asked her to check her sent emails folder. What else can she do?
Any help will be very much appreciated. Cheers Guys & Girls.

  powerless 20:14 26 Feb 2004

The LAW would only be allowed to access such records.

  britto 20:38 26 Feb 2004

Would they accept a screenshot of her sent mail folder if its in there,just use print screen and paste to word.

  Blanc Glacier 20:41 26 Feb 2004

Yer i was thinking the same, but its hard what is proove and what's not really isnt it. Thanks for your help anyway peeps.

  bremner 20:53 26 Feb 2004

The Data Protection Act does not prevent her having the data as it relates to her.

Anyone can request their own criminal record or lack of criminal record etc (for a fee - it was £10)

I don't think she could do any harm by asking Freeserve

  AndyJ 21:03 26 Feb 2004

Have you asked the Company what they would consider acceptable as proof?

  Blanc Glacier 22:07 26 Feb 2004

I dont think she has asked them what is acceptable proof or not. Nonetheless i will give her a call and get more info. Cheers people.

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