how can I print on both sides of the paper with HP

  heribierto 20:51 22 Sep 2004

I have an HP 930C inkjet printer.
I have a programme to make greetings cards but when I try to print on both sides of the paper my printer grabs the next sheet of paper before I can either stop the paper or turn it over.
There must be some method of being able to print on both sides but as yet, I have not discovered it.
Any help would be appreciated

  SANTOS7 20:54 22 Sep 2004

click here hope this helps,good luck

  heribierto 21:02 22 Sep 2004

I have, of course, had a good look at the options and properties of the printer and I don't think that odd and even is theanswer because this is ok if you have a number of papers to prints so that all even pages can be printed, then the paper put back and the odd pages printed.
My problem is when I want to print just one sheet of papar but on both sides

  fred 21:37 22 Sep 2004

A low tech and rather time consuming method is to only load the printer with one sheet of paper and then re-feed it through for he other side. Works fine for the odd copy but a pain for multiples or multi page docs.

  heribierto 22:05 22 Sep 2004

that is what I have to do, Fred, but it is a right pain in the butt

  OwenLotts 22:21 22 Sep 2004

Look for a "Duplex" option when printing. It will prompt you to turn the page over and then clickm to continue. Should be somewhere in the Print Properties (when you specify paper type, number of copies etc) before you print. If its not there then you printer doesn't support Duplex Printing.

Is there not an option in the programme itself where you tell it what sort of printer you have, so that the programme itself will pause until you turn the paper over.

  Pidder 23:01 22 Sep 2004

My HP 7260 has an option under "Finishing" to print on both sides. I haven't used it but is this what you want? Possibly your printer doesn't have it.

  daba 00:19 23 Sep 2004

Is there a 'paper feed' option for 'manual'.

many printer drivers have this, and it allows you to print a multipage (in your case two-sided) document by manual feed of each page (in your case, each side).

I have had a couple of HP printers and both had a 'bypass feeder' at the back, which enabled feeding of envelopes, and manual feed paper, without having to empty the stock tray, as it only waited for paper input from the rear entry feeder (doh, sounds a bit disjointed, but i think you might get my drift)

  Filch 01:19 23 Sep 2004

I have a 932C, 'bout the same as a 930, and in set up it has a box to tick for 'two sided printing'(under Features). I use it quite a bit, even for one sheet to be printed on both sides. Does the 930 not have this option?

  €dstowe 06:36 23 Sep 2004

You should have in your program or in printer options to print "all", "odd pages only" and "even pages only" - or words to that effect.

Set it to print odd pages, turn the page(s) over and set to print even pages

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