How can i play non compatible CD roms?

  bluebird 12:25 29 Nov 2004

I have got windows xp home and have a number of cd rom games that will only work in ME and earlier windows. Any way i can easily play these games on my xp pc. regards and thanks in advance fron a pc novice.

  mattyc_92 12:27 29 Nov 2004

Most of these games should work on XP. It is just a case of taking a risk.... some may work, some won't!!!!!

  ACOLYTE 12:28 29 Nov 2004

The only way to know for sure is to try them,some may not even install,some will and not run,or you may find they all work perfectly,if you get some that don't try using the xp compatibility wizard to install them its not 100%
guaranteed to work but it may just help.

  bluebird 12:29 29 Nov 2004

They wont though, doesnt recognise drivers box keeps coming up :)

  ACOLYTE 12:38 29 Nov 2004

Wont what ? install?,Have you run the compatability wizard before you install?
Start program compatability,then select "i wont to use the program in the cdrom drive" it should copy files over and install if it doesnt work then odds are it never will.

  bluebird 13:12 29 Nov 2004

Cheers ACOLYTE will give it a try. thumbup.

  ACOLYTE 13:19 29 Nov 2004

what games are they ,there may be patches about for xp,if they are not really old games.

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