How can I network my TV/HDD recorder to my PC to give then net access?

  [DELETED] 18:53 16 Aug 2012

Hi, I have a TV and a freeview (HDD) recorder both of which are internet capable, allowing access to a limited number of TV-on-demand services such as BBC i-Player, Youtube, etc.

In both cases they will only connect by being hard-wired into my BB hub. I could of course start drilling holes in walls, door frames, lifting carpets, and the like to run Ethernet(? have I used the right name?) cables from my hub to them, or doing simular to move the hub closer, but a far simpler solution (cable wise) would be to run an Ethernet cable from my PC (that accesses the net via WiFi) to one or the other (a distance of about 2 meters).

(USB Wi-Fi can not be used on the TV, and the Recorder will only work with the USB Wi_fi Dongle sold by the manufacturer which costs about £80. Given the limited net access it actually gives I am not prepared to pay that."

Is it possible to use the spare LAN socket on my PC (that uses a Wi-Fi USB Dongle) to connect to the TV or HDD recorder, and set up my PC to act as some form of "Intermediary?"

Thanks in advance fror any suggestions.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:05 16 Aug 2012

I use a pair of Homeplugs to link the router upstairs to the Humax HD recorder downstairs via the house wiring

  [DELETED] 20:12 28 Aug 2012

Thanks Fruit Bat /\0/\ ,

Those would work, but my living room only has 6 hard wired 13A electric sockets, and currently has 25 items plugged in to them via various extension sockets/cables. I was hoping for a solution that did not require adding yet more items plugged into the -19 sockets left ;)

My flat was built back when they expected the owner to have a small number of high demand items. It's a 30Amp ring-main, and the only reason it does not blow its fuse it that things like a "hands-free land-line phone base station" only draws 0.05Amps, and the lamp next to this pc has a 13W fluorescent bulb- 0.06Amps, My HDD TV recorder has a max power consumption of 17W (0.074amps) and so on- 20 of the 25 items plugged in have a total power consumption that is probably less than 5 amps, and I can not watch A DVD, play A CD, watch a Blue-ray, watch a recoded program on the TV recorder while on the internet hoovering the floor, on the phone, ironing a shirt, etc.

But your suggestion would work, and would be cheaper that the Panasonic dongle I need but do not want to pay £60 odd for just to watch BBCiPlayer.

  [DELETED] 02:55 24 Sep 2012

I finally resolved the issue with one of these.

A "WiFi Repeater Access Point up to 300 / 150 / 54 Mbps WLAN wireless amplifier for the socket including LAN connection , for 802.11 b / g / n standards with UK Plug"

It not only acts as a repeater, but it can act as a wi-fi to lan bridge. (I think that is the correct term.) I set it up to connect to my wi-fi, and then plugged a cable into both it and my HDD recorder. Now the HDD unit can see the internet.

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