How can I merge 17 PDFs in to one?

  buel 19:36 29 Oct 2013

Hi, I have converted some JPEGs in to 17 seperate PDFs but need to merge them in to 1 PDF. Is this possible, please?

  lotvic 20:09 29 Oct 2013

Why didn't you do one .pdf with 17 pages in the first place? (I ask because there may be a good reason you didn't do that)

Which program are you using?

  buel 20:23 29 Oct 2013

Hi, I used this program: click here was unable to add all 17 of my JPEGs to make one PDF file.....unless I missed something?


  Woolwell 20:58 29 Oct 2013

Perhaps all that you needed was a photo album which you can get printed online.

  buel 21:04 29 Oct 2013

No, it is a binded book and they only accept PDFs and will not accept any more than five.

Soooo....any ideas please?

  Woolwell 21:20 29 Oct 2013

I regularly produce a newsletter in booklet format which is professionally printed. They do bound books too. I use pdf files but there is a difference between pdf's for web and for print. Pdf's for print need to have a high resolution and are usually a very large file size and as such are not normally suitable for email transmission but instead I use a memory stick. I use a DTP program (in my case Serif PagePlus), lay out the booklet (book) as I want, inserting pictures/pdf files as necessary and other documents too and then at the end produce one pdf file making sure that it is in booklet format. Printers normally only accept pdf files. They can then use it in their printing software, etc.

  Woolwell 21:28 29 Oct 2013

If you have later versions of Word then you could have inserted each jpg/pdf file on a separate page and then published as one large pdf file.

  buel 22:14 29 Oct 2013

Thank you for that. I see your point. However, the JPEGs are scanned from an A4 page so would that mean that the quality would be acceptable?

  lotvic 22:27 29 Oct 2013

easypdf cloud, there is an option to combine files to pdf

Is the problem that you don't know how to select (highlight) multiple files to 'open' and drop them in?

Here are the video tutorials click here

  Woolwell 22:40 29 Oct 2013

With respect I think that you are looking at this from the wrong way round. You are producing a book with illustrations (photos/scanned documents) and the question is how do you produce the book not how do you turn photos into a book if you see what I mean. If the jpgs are around 300 ppi then that should be fine for print similarly with pdf.

However you have expended considerable time already and see lotvic's post about combining files which should produce one file ready for print.

  buel 22:59 29 Oct 2013

Brilliant, both of you. Thank you so much!!

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