How can I make VideoCDs?

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I want to make Video CDs of VHS and Camcorder footage. What hardware and software will I need? I have an AMD 800 with 256MB RAM, Nero and CD writer. I need to be able to edit video and audio, sequence clips etc to make it like a DVD. Do video cds have a menu when played so I can select which clips I want to watch?

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nope vcds will only contain video data, no menus. and it takes mpeg 1 only. I would suggest from vhs to pc you will need a capture card, and a camcorder, maybe firewire. Then use nero to burn them to vcd. nero also supplies a couple of video editing programs too.

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btw with the specs you have, you are looking at long hard hours of waiting. and a lot of disk space.

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My camcorder is an old Video8.

Perhaps DVD would be a better idea. Can you recommend a DVD writer, and the necessary software?

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You can have menus with SVCD - my mate has recently transferred old 'Live Aid' VHS footage and has a menu to enable selection of the various performances.

kingpenguin - you should opt for a device that will perform hardware compression of the incoming video, otherwise you will spend a long time waiting for software to do it as Mr_Nice_Guy mentioned.
An external USB device that will do this is the Pinnacle Moviebox USB, but there are internal capture cards too.

Check here for further information click here

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I have bought Pinnacle Studio DC10plus Version 8, had it working until I installed the DVD drive, then got ACPI BIOS compatibility problem. I have now upgraded my machine to : Asus A7N266-VM/SE m/b with AMD Athlon XP 2400+, 480MB DDRAM, 6GB HD, 80GB HD, Asus CDRW, Freecom DVDR/RW, Win2000 SP4

Studio 8 won't capture and it crashes :(

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