how can i make pc faster, as it is now

  soulreaper 12:42 01 Jan 2003
  soulreaper 12:42 01 Jan 2003

how can i optimize my pc, to get more speed on my fps , or is it my graphics card settings

  Giggle n' Bits 12:54 01 Jan 2003

your computer like which Windows you have, How much memory you have, type and size in MB of Graphics card, possible Make/model of your pc if branded name like Dell, Tiny etc.

What you use the computer for also would help us tech guys to give you the help you need.

Good File management and system configuration is a must and first to check. Try and remove software that you know you do not need like old games etc but make sure they are not deleated taking system files.

AOL ISP software can if you use them hog up your system resources for example. If you have Win 98/98Se ME or XP use the Disk clean up and clean away the junk files, custom screen savers from 3rd party softwares can slow things down and heavey picture 3rd party graphics but mostly on the older computers.

Many things to check and do, maybe you just need a memory upgrade, or a new graphics card but we reading here are unable to gove a more direct reply with not knowing what you have in your system.

Please post back with more details and Happy New Year.

Ghost-in-U !

  ulrich 12:57 01 Jan 2003

What do you have now, graphics card, PCU, how much memory, and which os?

  soulreaper 14:29 01 Jan 2003

i have a

packard bell 1.3 ghz proc
g-force 4 ti 4400 128 mb gxcard
256mb ram
4.1 blaster sound card
windows xp os (service pack 1) home edition

and i use it mainly for gaming, although my wife does use it for work purposes sometimes~(fairly often)

it could also be the way things are set up, im not too much of a boffin on the pc, even though i did visual basic programming lol

  mikef™ 14:36 01 Jan 2003

First think you can do is add more RAM especially as you like gaming, check at Crucial for the max. your motherboard can take.

  PªūĽ ™ ♂ 15:40 01 Jan 2003

More ram. What sort of CPU is it ? Is it a celeron or duron ? Get the latest graphics drivers. 42.01 for XP or 2k these are betas though, But probably the best to date. Your graphics card is good. Your CPU could be letting the side down a bit though. What games are you wanting to play ? Also try disabling Vsync and antialiasing. These will drag any system to its knees unless you have a 3Ghz P4 and and a Radeon 9700 pro

  DieSse 15:51 01 Jan 2003

Also uload any system hogging programs - Norton system utilities, MacAfee and Norton AV programs take up a lot of resources whilst running.

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