How can i make my pc quieter ?

  mrperfectpz 18:01 11 Aug 2003

Some1 help me ! I am getting a lot of greif off my misses !!
She is complaining that she cant hear the tv over my pc. How can i make it quieter ?
Suggest any upgrades ?

  soy 18:13 11 Aug 2003

If you have alot of fans (more than 2), you could use a fan controller/Rheobus to control the voltage's of the fans. The less power going to the fans means they run slower so less noise. if you increase the voltages, they rotate faster giving more cooling.

You could also try noise reduction padding to line the sides of the case to the noise is absorbed.

Here are some links;

QuietPC website: click here

Overclock: click here

  Stuartli 18:18 11 Aug 2003

Also taking each fan out, removing the sticky cover and inserting a tiny amount of lubricant into the bearings will help; replace the sticky cover afterwards..:-)

I use Shift50 lubricant (a version of its gear box supplement/additive) in aerosol form as it is "dry" whilst still performing the required duty.

An alternative is Redex, which used to be brilliant for the Thorens turntable spindle.

  Stuartli 18:19 11 Aug 2003

One of the problems is that the fairer sex usually have superior hearing ability.

  lodger 18:20 11 Aug 2003

Heeeeee, it sounds like defective cooling fan, either the power supply unit cooling fan,PSU, or the CPU fan, both are quick cheap and easy to replace....first, locate the the case,...look and listen..............u could also try upgrading ur 'misses'.......

  Stuartli 18:21 11 Aug 2003

I get constant grief from my missus for a wide variety of reasons at all times of the day and night..:-)

  sjr1 18:29 11 Aug 2003

You could buy long cables and put the base in a garage...

I do use fan controller/Rheobus and sound aborbstion foam...does work

  mrperfectpz 18:31 11 Aug 2003

Thanks 4 the advice guys especially the 1 bout upgrading my misses lol !

  Ironman556 18:35 11 Aug 2003

You can get silent fans and power supplies, which will give a decent airflow while being quiet. they're not cheap though.

For PSU's get an Enermax or Antec, I have an Antec TruePower which automatically controls the fan speed depending on the temperature.

For quiet fans look at Quiet PC (as above) or Overclockers (not as above) click here

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