How can I make my 10 years old pc faster?

  Ahmedek6 17:15 08 Jan 2018

Good Evening, First of all I apologize for my english. Hopefully you can understand me.

My laptop broke yesterday and I have to deal for 1 year with my 10 years old computer.

Specs of the old computer are: Windows XP AMD Athlon(tm) Dual Core Procesor 4850e 2,5GHz 2,00 GB ram

I didn't find any other specs about it.

The PC doesn't have any other problems. Just it's slow.

What can I do with the PC to have the best perfomance?

Please, Can you help me with this problem?

Thank You so much

  Ahmedek6 17:34 08 Jan 2018

@octal Thank you for your super fast answer. Is it hard to install the Ubuntu system? As I said earlier I'm not the best in these things.


  Ahmedek6 17:36 08 Jan 2018

@octal No no. I don't want to spend any money in it. It's only for one year. After the year I'm going to buy new laptop.

  wee eddie 17:41 08 Jan 2018

The only trouble with Linux is that you are not able to use your usual Windows Software

  Ahmedek6 17:41 08 Jan 2018

@octal So the best thing is to install there completly new OS? Back up files and install Ubuntu?

  Ahmedek6 17:42 08 Jan 2018

What do you mean by Windows Software?

  Ahmedek6 17:47 08 Jan 2018

@octal Is the Ubuntu Mate safe? I mean does the system has good security?

  wee eddie 19:42 08 Jan 2018

As Octal said, I should have been more precise in how I put my post.

What software are you currently using?

Tell us, give us a list, and someone will tell you which ones will run on Linux or what software you can use as an alternative

  Ahmedek6 19:38 11 Jan 2018

@octal I only want to use it for school things such as Windows office and some basic browsering. No games or so. Because now with the Windows it's really slow and it's freezing. Do u think guys that Linux will help?

  Ahmedek6 19:42 11 Jan 2018

@octal Right now I have licenced version of Microsoft Office in the Windows . How can I use it on Linux?

  csqwared 20:52 11 Jan 2018

octal - 1938hrs -

"I only want to use it for school things such as Windows office and some basic browsering. No games or so"

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