How can I look 'inside' an .exe file??

  Pelham123 17:55 19 May 2005

Just a quick question, is there an application to sort through the contents of an .exe file? And will it just display coded gibberish? What sort of language are .exe files written in? Is is possible to edit .exe files?

Sorry, questions, questions....

Thanks ;)

  Noldi 17:57 19 May 2005

I would think open with notepad or editor.

  DieSse 18:47 19 May 2005

An .exe file is a compiled program. You can "look" at it with a text editor, such as Notepad. It is not likely to tell you anything much, and of course, since it is not text, it will appear mostly as "gibberish".

It could have been written in almost anything - if you modify it, then the program will run incorrectly, or not at all.

  powerless 19:01 19 May 2005
  octal 19:04 19 May 2005

You can look inside an EXE file, I used to have a decompiling program, I forget what its called now, but its a total waste of time. Because if the code is compiled without any comments it makes it almost impossible to try and follow the code, even for a small program of 1BM, a lot of programs these days are over 10BM, well, the mind boggles!

This program might do the job click here but I wish you the best of luck.

  Pelham123 20:10 19 May 2005

Ew. Took a look. Jeez, talk about Pandoras Box. Quick, put that lid back on before my eyes start bleeding.

Thanks all.


Curiousity kills cats....

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