How Can I Improve My Online TV Watching Please?

  Big L 266 11:22 25 Feb 2010


My computer is a Dell Studio 540 which I've had for a year. I am very lucky to be getting around 17.1kbps download speed and 750kbps upload speed with TalkTalk Pro. Also,by making adjustments and tweaks as per April edition of PCAd,the computer performance has gone up 5 fold. My router is next to the phone point and is connected to my computer with a 10meter Cat6patch cable.

My visuals are provided on a ATI Radeon HD 3400 Series. I like to watch some 'live' feeds TV via click here and the internet speeds and tweaks have made vast improvements to the picture. However,on some action sequences,the picture blurs somewhat from time to time.I cannot use any form of Freeview aerials and software on the computer as they don't work in this area.(My local computer shop told me this last year as they'd tried it and couldn't get anything.)

My question is thus - how can I improve my online tv watching and iron out the last remains of picture blurring please.

Any help,suggestions and advice would be most welcomed. Thank you very much in advance for your kind help.

Big L 266

  howard64 12:48 25 Feb 2010

it could be a shortage of memory problem? how much ram is on your graphics card? You could try setting your graphics to 16bit colour rather than the 32bit that most seem to set on. When I have had slow streaming I have switched off everything else on the pc and this has improved things a bit. You might also have to increase the virtual memory especially if your hard drive seems to be working a lot while you are watching tv.

  Pineman100 12:58 25 Feb 2010

"I am very lucky to be getting around 17.1kbps download speed and 750kbps upload speed"

17.1kbps download doesn't sound very lucky to me! Is there a typing error there?

  woodchip 13:17 25 Feb 2010

As above I get from 5000 to 6500kbps with talktalk

  Jameslayer 13:23 25 Feb 2010

Umm surely those speeds indicate some sort of fault. As I thaught your dl speed is always better than your upload.

  Sea Urchin 14:00 25 Feb 2010

Try Video Accelerator - although it mentions YouTube in the title I find that it generally improves video performance - particularly with regard to buffering

click here

  Big L 266 14:53 25 Feb 2010

Hello fellow computer enthusiasts.

The speed mentioned above should read 17Mbps download and 750kbps upload. I hold my hands up and say I don't know my kilobytes from my megabytes sometimes. Very sorry for confusing you with my own mistyping.

With the correct facts now established, may I have any further recommendations and suggestions please?

Thank you very much.

Big L 266

  woodchip 15:08 25 Feb 2010

Then I would say its a graphics card problem, it cannot cope

  GaT7 15:08 25 Feb 2010

"However,on some action sequences,the picture blurs somewhat from time to time."

I may be wrong, but this may be due to your screen type - especially if you're using a TFT LCD monitor.

Can I just say that you are a very polite person :-). G

  GaT7 15:11 25 Feb 2010

woodchip, it can't be a graphics problem.

I'm using the same graphics card, & I also tried it on a PC with integrated graphics - no problem here, even though my BB speeds are slower than Big L 266's. G

  Big L 266 17:24 25 Feb 2010

Hello Crossbow7. Thank you for your kind compliment. I do try to be polite and kind to everyone when I can.

I suspect this may simply just be the feed from the online live tv service relaying the programmes. Its not too much of a bother and hopefully I'll get used to it over a period of time. I ought to drag myself in front of the TV but my 'electric chair' is in the bedroom where my computer is. (I live in a small 1 bed bungalow where space is a premium.)

Here's to watching 'Voyager' on Virgin 1 later tonight!

Big L 266

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