How can I hide work on my laptop?

  wishtobwireless 18:17 25 Jul 2007

My whole family use my laptop and I am writing a book which I do not want any one to know or see as yet! I am also researching for this on the net aswell. Basically can I hide somehow everything I do on my own lap top. Currently everytime I use it I have to clear temporary files and passwords etc which is rather tedious to keep remebering!
Thanks in advance for your help

  rawprawn 18:22 25 Jul 2007

click here this is not free but would suit your purpose admirably, I use it for all my finance. Just put "Your Book" as a folder and click on Lock and hide. You cannot even see it in safe mode.In effect it is not there!

  Toonarmy23179 13:17 30 Jul 2007

If you are using Internet Explorer, go to "Tools" then "Internet Options". Here you can set up your browser to delete all the historical bits of data such as temporary files and browsing history automatically when you log off.

  Batch 13:52 30 Jul 2007

Have a look at this: click here

It is free and may well do what you want.

You can even use it to put portable encrypted files onto USB pen drives (and access them on other systems) without the need to install software on other systems.

  €dstowe 13:58 30 Jul 2007

I've had very bad experiences with encryption/file hiding systems (they fail on me). I would never put anything of value into a hidden file.

The pen drive idea is best but - make sure you put you magnum opus on TWO pen drives for backup.

  octal 14:06 30 Jul 2007

There is another way, use a live Linux CD. When you run it, it loads from the CD into RAM and when you've finished just close it down and everything is cleared, no one would ever know.

If you use Puppy Linux
click here you can also save your settings to a flash drive so you don't have to keep typing in passwords and you'll able to save all your Favorites. It even comes with OpenOffice if you wanted to write your book as well.

  Batch 14:10 30 Jul 2007

I don't know about file / folder hidding as it may be trying to fool the OS and something might go awry at some point.

But I've used encryption on files without a hiccup for more years than I care to remember, both personally and professionally. I mostly use Winzip, but it isn't free, that's why I suggested Cryptainer.

  wee eddie 16:13 30 Jul 2007

You could create a number of User Accounts.

Give every member of the family their own, explaining that you felt that things were potentially getting a little muddled in there. You would remain sole user of the Administrator Account of course but also have a User Account for yourself. All Password protected of course.

  wishtobwireless 21:41 30 Jul 2007

I like the idea of the user accounts,as this seems the easiest for me however could you tell me would that also 'hide' any research on the net as well?

Vog kindly showed me this called secrets in an earlier response

click here

Would someone be able to run this do you think from another user account? Basically I really want to keep my work a TOTAL secret until release!

Thanks very much to all for your help....

  skidzy 21:49 30 Jul 2007

I like Octal's way of thinking here using Linux but do not install the program to your harddrive if you decide to go this route.Just use it from the live cd.

Ive had a play around with Linux Ubuntu,not Puppy though.
I could not get along with Linux but i do like the idea from Octal if it indeed works....maybe something i will try on my test machine.

  v1asco 21:52 30 Jul 2007

Kingston memory pens have a secret area, password protected.

To me there is something reassuring about unplugging a pen and putting it in my pocket.

Though in your case I would take €dstowe advice and use 2.

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