How can I get Word onto a Laptop Win95 with no

  Giggle n' Bits 13:06 02 Nov 2004

floppy disk drive ?

Friend has been given a dinasour laptop running win 95. It has p.point, Excel & Access but is missing Word !

So is there anyway to get Word onto a Floppy to install onto a laptop or anyway to get word installed onto this laptop ?

  Young Ranger 13:45 02 Nov 2004

Bit confused - you say it dosn't have a floppy drive but you want to get Word onto a floppy?

  Smegs 13:54 02 Nov 2004

Has it got a CD drive??

  jack 14:02 02 Nov 2004

Get hold of[beg,borrow or errr - borrow]
External PCMIA/CD drive and go that route.
Word if far too heavy to contemplate floppies,even if you could get hold of an external PCMIA /floppy drive.

  Giggle n' Bits 14:08 02 Nov 2004

not got a CDROM and no External CD Rom.

Would one of them USB Stick things do it. How big is word if I was to copy the prgramme file to a USB Stick to transfer it ?

  PA28 14:12 02 Nov 2004

Careful - Windows 95 doesn't fully support USB, so test one of those "stick things" before you buy it. If your machine has enough go and USB ports you could upgrade to 98SE.

I seem to remember Word coming on floppies a long time ago. Or was it Wordstar? It was certainly a lot of floppies!!

  Smegs 14:19 02 Nov 2004

Or, you can buy a cable(Maplin), so that you can put the Laptop hard drive in to you pc. click here £3.99, 7th down the list.

  TomJerry 14:42 02 Nov 2004

(1) if your win95 is SR2, i.e. modified version of win95 (not original version), USB is supported, but I do not think you can get a driver for usb stick, so forget usb stick things, but you can use a usb file transfer cable from ebuyer for £5.58 click here, link laptop with anothe PC with CD driver and insatll from there.

(2) If your win95 does not support usb, get a parallel data cable (similar to printer cable) with two computer via printer ports and transfer files over, win since 95 can do direct cable link and cable can be bought from ebuyer for a few pounds.

(3) Time waste way, but costs nothing. (a) Put install CD in another PC (b) Zip them together into a big file (if you want to get small size us winrar instead) (c) Cut big file into small bits (each one can fit into a floppy) using file split program such as free chainsaw3.5 click here (d) copy all files over one by one (you only need a floppy) (e) stick files together use batch file generated by chainsaw (f) unzip (d) install. Can you get any eaier?

(4) Similar to (3), but need a lot of flopy, use winzip to zip file and span them into floppy (winzip can do this for you), just need a lot of floppies, and unzip in laptop, you are done. Do you have a better way to speed a weekend?

  TomJerry 14:58 02 Nov 2004

If two PCs have network (lan) ports, connect and network them using a Cat5 crossover cable £1.17 click here

No lan adaptor for laptop: get one £11.94 click here

No lan for a desktop? get one PCI for £3.59 click here or usb for £5.99 click here

You can even do wireless. Endless possibilities.

  Young Ranger 16:24 02 Nov 2004

Check Ebay. I have seen old version of MS Office on floppies for sale on there in the past. None that I can see at the moment but worth checking from time to time. Should be dirt cheap.

  Giggle n' Bits 22:17 02 Nov 2004

thanks for all the imput here, I will have to look into each one. Like the sound of the Laptop HDD in a PC via convertor cable.

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