How can I get live TV without PCI TV card

  Chas 12:22 23 Jul 2005

I have a Canopus ADVC110 external Analogue/Firewire converter which I use for analogue video capture and editing. It occurs to me that if I input an analogue live TV signal (say from a VTR)via this box I ought to be able to watch live TV on the PC. I know this isn't the best way to quality but it might do for my purposes as a rough-and-ready arrangement. It also occurs to me that I am going to need some sort of streaming software in the PC to take the Firewire stream and display it on my monitor and enable Hard disk recording (other than via my video editing software - Studio 9). A quick Google reveals plenty of PCI TV card solutions but not stand-alone software for what I want to do. Does anyone know of such a stand-alone product?

  Stuartli 13:11 23 Jul 2005

You seem to need something on these lines:

click here

However, a TwinHan Freeview VisionPlus DTV-ter PCI card from click here (click here), despite what you have stated, is the simplest, most straightforward method.

It has EPG, PVR, remote control, HDTV compatible etc and at well under £50 is also probably the cheapest route (Vadim is one of the lowest cost suppliers of the brand in the UK) to what you require.

There is a D + A version (digital plus analogue) but, frankly the software (Cyberlink PowerCinema) is dire compared to the TwinHan DTV-ter card's offering; the software is due to be upgraded in the near future, whilst the card can also be used to input signals from games consoles, VCRs etc for watching, saving or recording on to the hard drive.

  woodchip 13:33 23 Jul 2005

This Is what I have. click here

  woodchip 13:34 23 Jul 2005

PS it's a freeview TV

  woodchip 13:39 23 Jul 2005

It only Works with Win2000 or Win XP

  Chas 14:12 23 Jul 2005

Thanks for the input but these are both hardware solutions. Perhaps I haven't made myself clear. I am trying to avoid buying new hardware on the basis that I already have a TV tuner (VCR) and an analogue to digital converter (ADVC110), connected to a firewire input. All I really need is some software to enable this digital stream to be turned into moving pictures and displayed on my PC monitor. It would also be nice if this same software (or some other software) could record this image to my HD.

  jack 14:31 23 Jul 2005

You sothats the software video editing
you want the VCR tuner R/F stream to get to it.
Simplest is a Scartplug and leads adapter these leads
are are serices of phono plugs and S/video connector built into a Scart plug.

  Stuartli 16:00 23 Jul 2005

You made it very clear, but it's a rather convoluted method of doing what you require, especially as most cable/leads setups are intended to be used PC to TV rather than the other way round.

Hence RCA phono plugs, red and white jackplugs (audio) etc.

I have a superb Pioneer DTR210 ITVDigital/Freeview set top box connected to my main TV, but I wouldn't dream of using it to connect to my PC system when a £40 plus TwinHan PCI card does it so much more simply and neatly...:-)

  Stuartli 16:02 23 Jul 2005

As I also indicated earlier, the TwinHan performs as a Personal Video Recorder in the same mode (as far as I'm aware) as the SkyVideo+ boxes.

  woodchip 16:03 23 Jul 2005

Not many PC's have a Scart Plug only Aldi MEDION that I have seen

  Chas 16:56 23 Jul 2005

Stuartli - The "convoluted" nature of what I am attempting is no more tricky than video capture - all of which is already set up. THe only difference is that instead of playing a videotape I'm feeding a TV broadcast into the PC. I can see this broadcast in the video editing software preview window, but I can't hear it. I can, of course, also record it to an .avi file and encode it as MPEG2 to a DVD if I want to. What I can't do is see the TV picture in it's own window independently of Studio 9, nor can I hear it. However, I suspect that there might be a bit of software out there that will enable me to do this.

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