How can I get a camcorder movie onto a DVD?

  billy 20:29 02 Sep 2003

I am thinking of buying a DVD writer to store my home movies, but I cannot figure somehting out. DVD movies I buy are great quality and a DVD seems to play about 2 hours per disc. Since a DVD holds 4.7Gbyte that works out to around 2.3Gbyte per hour of movie. When I copy movies in AVI format from my camcorder to my PC the picture quality looks similar but file sizes suggest it is around 10Gbyte per hour of camcorder movie. So, how can I get a couple of hours of camcorder home vodeo onto a DVD for storage, and would a domestic DVD player be able to play it i.e. not one in a PC?

  fitshase 20:44 02 Sep 2003

AVI format is raw format (i.e., uncompressed). DVD movies use MPEG-2 compression in order to play on DVD players.

Commercial DVD films use larger DVD's - dual layer in order to fit more on (you may notice a small pause/jump about mid way through a film.

If you do use a video editing package, there should be some sort of export to DVD option which will then convert your footage from AVI to MPEG-2 (which will take a while).

I hope this helps.



  jz 21:03 02 Sep 2003

Digital camcorders usually usually record in DV format, which has considerably higher image quality than MPEG from a DVD. This explains why the data rate for DV is so high. If you look carefully at an MPEG picture from a DVD you can sometimes see impairments, especially for detailed images with motion.

DV is actually so good that it is sometimes used for broadcast TV, although it is recorded in a more rugged format called DVCAM. This has the same data rate, but is stored on tape running at a higher tape speed so that data corruption due to imperfections in the tape and due to wear and tear of the tape is less likely. DVCAM also uses higher quality optics and image sensors, which explains why DVCAM camcorders cost £3000 upwards.

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