How can I get that annoying clipboard back

  Murray 17:42 25 Jun 2003

One of the more annoying features of Office XP has disappeared.

whats wrong with that, you ask?

Well, now I want it back. In Word XP, if you copy/cut comething to the clipboard, and then copy/cut something else, a little box appears with some icons, representing each item in the clipboard (upto 12 I think).

I dont remember it stop working, but today I really needed to cut some things from one documents into another, and this tool would have been useful, for once.

Any ideas on how to get it back?

  woodchip 17:51 25 Jun 2003

Do not know if this will work I am Win98 go to add Remove see if there is a windows setup tab have look in there for reinstalling

  Murray 17:52 25 Jun 2003

but wouldn't you think, that it would be an option somewhere to 'disable annoying clipboard thingy'

  barrie_g 18:14 25 Jun 2003

go to Edit/office clipboard

  Murray 19:23 25 Jun 2003


I cant believe I was that blind, sorry.

Any way to make it appear whenever you copy anything to the clipboard, in the annoying way it used to?

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