how can I find these documents..

  end 18:33 14 Jul 2004

win 98se here
i had two Word documents on my computer that I deleted for various reasons. I now want to find them IF they ARE still ON the system somewhere; i have checked on "find files and folders" but with no success.

assuming the system " backed " them up , where and how might I start looking to find them, assuming they ARE still SOMEWHERE ON the computer???

IF all else fails I have to retype the whole lot back on to the system, but would be far easier if they can be found .....

guidance from the floor please.....thanks...

  bertiecharlie 19:06 14 Jul 2004


Are the files still in your Recycle Bin? From the sound of it, no. If not, you need a data recovery programme. There are some free ones on the snapfiles site. (Look under freeware - data recovery). There is also Tune Up Utilities click here which includeds an undelete programme.

You have a chance of recovering a deleted file using the above as long as the file hasn't been overwritten. All you do when you delete a file, initially, is to delete the path to that file and presumably the data recovery programmes can reinstate the path. The less you use your computer before attempting to recover a file the better, as there is less chance of overwriting the deleted file with new data.

Hopefully, someone else can give you more options in terms of the best data recovery programmes.

Good luck.

  bertiecharlie 19:11 14 Jul 2004


click here for the free programmes on snapfiles but I haven't used any of these so can't vouch for them.

  keith-236785 20:42 14 Jul 2004

click here, i havent used this but it is just one of many found via a google.

click here=

good luck

  sattman 20:47 14 Jul 2004

Have you tried selecting a word that may be unusual in the text of your documents.

Try the search with the word in "containing text" and restricted to a word doc.

  stalion 21:11 14 Jul 2004

and here download the free version bottom of page
click here

  end 21:42 14 Jul 2004

I"ve been down my dustbin and not found them there;am trying to think of what word I can put in for the search; and what actually DO "snap files " DO please??
and stalion. the whole of you page seems to be for me??
and thanks for the input; the search continues...

  tasslehoff burrfoot 21:59 14 Jul 2004

snapfiles is the name of the website which contains the download(s) you need.

click on Bertiecharlie's link and find the program that suits your needs.



  VoG II 18:30 15 Jul 2004

You could try Drive Rescue click here

You would need to extract the program onto a floppy and run it from there.

If you deleted these files some time ago and have been using the PC the chances are that the space on the hard drive where they used to live has been over-written with other stuff. I would not hold out much hope I'm afraid :o(

  end 09:23 17 Jul 2004

some "progress" here , if one can call it that...I have put Drive Rescue on here, and IT seems to have found something that MIGHT be "relevent" in cluster 27833 on 17/2/2003, in My Documents; th problem is, ??how do I try and get them back if they ARE what I want??

I have looked for a help file for assistNCE, and that is " empty" oF any help!!!( at least the one I found was/is!!

and, if memory served, the thing said that there " were no bytes" in that sector; I MAY BE on an impossible "wild- goose- chase" , and end up having to retype the lot , but iF there is any easier way to find them it would be useful;

any "simple " instructions as to how to retrieve that wot same I have "found" would be appreciated, please; if it feels "too riske" then I"ll leave it alone, as I am definitly NOT expert with computers and am " feeling my way" here with this problem .....

amd I presume that Drive rescue is easy to uninstall once this excersise is completed??

  end 09:42 17 Jul 2004

have had another look at this and the programe wont now let me even get as far as I had previously; i found a "help" file , but being unable to get BACK to where i had found my data,I am calling this one quits.....I will have to resort to a long slog of re-entering the documents as the safest way for me to go about this.....

thanks for the above help...I am "taking the best option for me " on this one....not the one I wanted but...safest for ME!!!

and its not as if the information is ESSENTIAL to be recovered.....


retyping coming up for me......

but again,,thanks for the input...

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