how can I find out what hotmail addresses have been used on my pc?

  ozzymodo 13:59 08 Jan 2012

Hi all, I am wondering if there is anyway I can found out what hotmail accounts have been used/signed/registered for on my laptop (running windows7). The reason I am asking is that I signed up for online savings using a diff account to my personal ones so that I would not be inundated with spam and third party ins claims offers etc, and unfortunatly due to a distraction I forgot to write down the #######@hotmail addy though I do remember the password. I think I remember reading somewhere of a small prog that can detect all hotmail addys that are used on the pc but does not give you the password, which as I stated I don't need. Any help appreciated Thanks in advance Ian

  northumbria61 15:03 08 Jan 2012

Start - typing hotmail into your search box may give you a list

  ozzymodo 15:54 08 Jan 2012

hi beta,,m thanks for the msg, I clicked and got onto the page but asa slightly aged pc newbie I am not sure where to go from there as it is the first time I will have acessesd that page/info, any further info would be greatly appreciated. North: thanks for your suggestion but I had already done that and got onto a site that could help me, but wanted a fee of $45 for the answer to the prob. Ian

  robin_x 16:28 08 Jan 2012

Running SIW (Freeware version) and clicking Software/Passwords may give a clue (if you saved the password with that hotmail acct)

Or did you send or receive some Test emails on another account when you first set up the Hotmail acct? Check Inboxes, Sent, Spam, Drafts etc.

  northumbria61 21:27 08 Jan 2012

North: thanks for your suggestion but I had already done that and got onto a site that could help me, but wanted a fee of $45 for the answer to the prob.

I am not quite sure what you mean by this or how you got to an Internet site.

From the Start Orb I typed hotmail into the search box and got a list of all my hotmail addresses that I use (or used to use a long time ago) in the start menu - they are stored on my computer and in no way did I connect to the Internet. (Windows 7)

OR did you type hotmail into the Google search box?

  ozzymodo 10:42 09 Jan 2012

hi north, soz for late reply but went on a nite shift yesterday. I first did an online search and that was how I got to the site. I typed hotmail in on my start/search and all I get is "link online id's with you windows user account" then there is a box in blue underneath that say's Windows Live id An online ID from this provider has not been linked. When I sign up for a hotmail addy I remember my log in info but dont actually think I clicked remember my password as I can remember them it was just the [email protected] etc that I forgot (senile dementia starting to creep in methinks lol) Thanks for taking time to reply tho Ian

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