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how can i find out what fan i have?

  will1989 17:39 20 Jun 2020

i have a HP desktop and i want to install a new fan, can i find out: what the fan size is and whether it blows air in or out whether a new fan would fit (the mounting of it) 4 PIN ETC.


ps does anyone know what my options are for fans i've heard noctora are quiet but noise isn't really an issue im looking to spend 20-30 pounds on the best for airflow so the fan which is gonna cool it most.


  will1989 17:43 20 Jun 2020

i ment noctua pc fans btw

and the PC is a HP Pavilion 590-p0063na desktop

  wee eddie 17:47 20 Jun 2020

You said in the previous thread that your temperatures were OK.

What's happened to change your mind?

  will1989 18:06 20 Jun 2020

because i don't really iknow. i was just going off something in a game thqt showed my 1660 was performing at 60-70 degrees at max loads. that seems like a good heat. but then again my computer will be producing more heat.... so i would think it might need a stronger fan or one with better cooling because of the overall case heat and the CPU heats..

thanks for reply

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:21 20 Jun 2020

The one I recommended in your other thread was the best for air flow and noise level

to measure see click here

  will1989 18:31 20 Jun 2020

great thanks

  will1989 18:12 29 Jun 2020

i just wonder about this:

click here i need to change settings in bios and would it be supported by HP. thanks for the advice on measuring


  wee eddie 18:59 29 Jun 2020

Will, what they are saying, in the politest possible way, is that Noctua Fans are unlikely to work with your PC.

Find another type of fan

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