How can I find out what causes computer resets ?

  tomasz 17:51 12 Apr 2008


I have bought a new computer from dinopc ( a href="click here">spec /a>) a few weeks ago and it keeps reseting itself.

Resets happens quite randomly, sometimes there are no resets for a few days, then I get four in one hour.

I tried many things to find out source of the problem, without luck.

I don't think it's a software problem, as it happens under both Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux. I tried to run some antiviruses and they detected nothing. Removing Internet cable also doesn't make the problem go away.

I checked temperature in BIOS just after some resets and it is always in low range. I switched BIOS settings to safe and to optimized, it happens under both. I ran memtest86 to see if it was faulty RAM but it was OK. I disconnected and reconnected all cables (short of taking out the CPU) and nothing changed. I even tried different power socket just in case, also without any luck.

It seems to be only slightly related to what I'm doing. It doesn't seem to reset when I leave it on overnight, but when I'm using it with just Firefox it is sometimes enough to make it reset. I think it resets itself more often just after starting a new program, but maybe that's just an impression.

My best guesses are either power supply or mobo.

Any ideas how to find out source of the problem, or for some workarounds?

I don't want to send it for warranty repair unless I really have to, because I'd end up without any computer for a few weeks and they might be equally unlucky with the problem.

Are you having a power surge ?
Or is your isp resetting all connections as I found with a certain isp.
Which 9/10 a pc will restart itself when affected.

  tomasz 19:27 12 Apr 2008

It's a PC reset not isp reset, and it's happening even without Internet connected.

How can I check for power surges? No other device seems to be affected, but maybe they're just less sensitive.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:58 12 Apr 2008

"bought a new computer from dinopc a few weeks ago "

Take it back under guarantee sounds as if mobo or PSU could be faulty as you seem to have tried everything else.

  Legolas 21:21 12 Apr 2008

tomasz I agree with Fruit Bat /\0/\ as it is new It will still be under warranty so before you start tinkering I would get it looked at under the guarantee.

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