how can I extend the range of my wireless voyager

  pkq 22:17 24 Aug 2005

Hi, can anyone help me?

I have a Voyager 2000 wireless adsl modem. It's fine for inside the house, but I would like to extend its range into the garden.
BT won't recommend a extender that can help me, and I have no idea if I can fit an antenna.

Does anyone have any idea as to what I can do?

Many thanks for your time,


  Magik ®© 22:19 24 Aug 2005

I also have the 2000, in my case i moved it to the back of the house, so now i can go down the garden with the laptop and it is also ok in the house.

  PC Bilbo 23:01 24 Aug 2005

The reason BT are not giving a straight answer is because it's a "how long is a bit of string" question.

Your wireless router is based on microwave freqency (2.4GHz) which basically works on line of sight.As air is free anyone else can fill it with signals from Radio Masts, mobile phones and even interference fom electrical appliances .If you go through walls, these will further weaken the signal (varies on the type of construction).As local conditions vary it's really a suck it and see exercise.

Make sure your router is at as high a point in the house you can manage and well away from other electrical appliances and also large metal objects as these will reflect signals.

A higher gain antenna might help if you have a router that will accept one but.Try the simple things first: Magik is on the right lines.

  The Spires 01:28 25 Aug 2005

As PC Bilbo says the higher the better, putting my router upstairs has improved garden reception no end.

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