How can I edit PDF files?

  DARIONIGRO 09:38 27 Apr 2010

Hi there guys n girls

Just wondered if anyone could give me a hand and tell me how to edit a PDF file?

i have an ebook, and i need to edit some of the content.

its been passed around so many times, so getting hold of the author is a no show.

ive heard i can open it in ms word, but that defeats the object, as i need to keep it in a PDF format.

any ideas would be much appreciated


  Strawballs 09:47 27 Apr 2010

click here= I don't know if any of these will suit your needs

  Rahere 15:44 27 Apr 2010

You could copy to open office writer/Word then save as .pdf?

  Daro2010 15:46 27 Apr 2010

Ill give them both a go guys, thankyou.

let you know if it works.


  HondaMan 15:46 27 Apr 2010

They all assume that the PDF hasn't been locked by the author!

  Daro2010 15:51 27 Apr 2010

I know, i know, dont think it has, been passed around so many times, i just need to be able to edit it so i can put my name in it, right pain in the a**

ive copied it to word, then tried to save it as a PDF, and that hasnt worked.

  Rahere 16:03 27 Apr 2010

Not sure now what you want to do - i can copy from pdf to word and save text as a new pdf here.

But if you want to change the author's name or other properties then that should be possible - see Strawballs's link unless have you access to Foxit PDF creator or Adobe Acrobat? Both require a purchase.

  Daro2010 16:11 27 Apr 2010


i have an ebook i want to edit.

just highlight a word, and replace it with another, then resave as a PDF to distribute.

thats it buddy

  Rahere 17:01 27 Apr 2010

Not sure if there's much more I can offer if the solutions above don't help.

I guess if it's locked down, can't be copied, edited and saved again then you are limited in your options.

  Pineman100 17:13 27 Apr 2010
  Melvinjames18 07:24 07 May 2010

If you wanna edit PDF without converting it to Word document, maybe you need the Adobe Acrobat, the most expensive and professional PDF editor.
Or convert PDF to Word then edit in Word is much more cost effective I think.
You can try this PDF to Word Converter, free one, but it can preserve the original text content, images, layouts after conversion. So that you can save it as PDF again without lossing anything.
<a href="click here">Click here</a> to have a try.
And here is a tutorial about how to <a href="click here">edit PDF text</a>. Hope it helps.

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