how can I De-corporate new pc?

  dumbstruck 21:15 25 Feb 2005

Hi guys
I've just paid for a new PC, then, sods law ,came across a review site, romulus2,who's reviewers (home users) are dissatisfied to say the least.
Ive decided that when\if Pc arrives I shall completely reformat harddrives, remove the supanet optimised modem and download new drivers for all hardware.
I did'nt buy extended warranty nor any other services, nor did I buy into the recovery disc SCAM.
Thing is, with a 400Gb-2x200, Im used to 20Gb hard drive, no partitions fat32 owned copy of xp. What problems am I likely to meet?
thanks rick

  dumbstruck 21:16 25 Feb 2005

Yes YES I will take the sticker off.

  Diodorus Siculus 21:18 25 Feb 2005

click here to see about de-optimising modem.

Buy a copy of XP when you can - you may well need it sometime. Or take a leap into Linux! :-)

  Completealias 21:20 25 Feb 2005

Make sure that you have all the drivers for your hardware especially motherboard ones. Is the hard drives sata? If so then you'll need the sata drivers on a floppy disk when you come to install windows

  Diodorus Siculus 21:20 25 Feb 2005

By the way, there is a very small percentage chance that anything will be wrong. They do good machines but because of quantity seem to have more than the average calls upon aftersales.

  dumbstruck 13:37 26 Feb 2005

thanks for that info guys, anymore tips would be appreciated ( had'nt thought of motherboard drivers) rick

  FelixTCat 14:10 26 Feb 2005

There is no need to completely strip and reinstall everything - at most, remove the supanet modem driver.

If you want to do something, partition the drives so that you don't have one huge C: drive.

Make sure that you have a backup of all the system drivers; if they don't come on a CD, burn one immediately. Make floppies of any you need to boot, eg SATA, RAID if that is the setup etc

  dumbstruck 14:09 27 Feb 2005

thanks to all for the response, funny how i PURPOSLY didnt mention make but u seem to know??
another thought, if I remove the modem driver, remove the (as ive read ) corrupted version of internet explorer, run ad aware, spybot et al,install internet explorer fresh from disc or windows update, and make a norton ghost copy, will I be covered?
thanks again rick.

  Diodorus Siculus 14:16 27 Feb 2005

Yes, if you do all that, you will be covered.

For what it's worth, when I get a new PC for someone, I generally ID the motherboard and components using Everest click here and then format it, install windows as I want it and create an image of the disk. Then install an AV program, update it, any other programs that will be used, and create another image. Further, I partition the disk and put "my documents" and email onto a different partition to the onw heihc has the OS. That way when (not if, but when) something goes wrong, I can have their machine back up and running very quickly.

  Diodorus Siculus 14:18 27 Feb 2005

Ten Ways To Make Windows XP Run Better > December 10, 2001
click here

  dumbstruck 20:05 28 Feb 2005

thanks for the info Diadorus, good commonsense stuff there, funny how someone has to outline things before its 'commonsense'. just need the computer then.....On to information week now downloaded everest.thanks again rick

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