How can I copywrite protect

  Glyn-252301 16:45 29 Jun 2003

I know this is a bit of subject, but as folk need to copywrite machine code, I thought that some body could point me in the right direction to copywrite ordinary original text.

Regards G.

  Kool_Pete 16:52 29 Jun 2003

Youcan by a 'Copyright Creater CD' from for around £4.99.

I use it and its very usefull and protective.

Many Thanks,

  Glyn-252301 17:08 29 Jun 2003

Thanks Pete for your response. I want to copywrite the written word as in a novel or poetry and not just on a CD. I need to know if I need to registor copywrite as one would reg. a patent for an invention.

Regards G.

  Kryten 17:16 29 Jun 2003

click here(04).htm

  Kryten 17:18 29 Jun 2003

http:// click here(04).htm

Copy this onto the address bar and remove the space befor www then press enter.

  Kryten 17:22 29 Jun 2003

Try this as above but add www. after // and before copyrightservice before pressing enter. click here(04).htm

  Kryten 17:23 29 Jun 2003

e- mail me and I will post you the address

  Glyn-252301 17:27 29 Jun 2003

Thanks Kryten, will do, regards G.

  Forum Editor 17:36 29 Jun 2003

is automatically protected by copyright from the moment of its creation. You don't need to do anything - certainly there's no need for any kind of registration - other than be able to prove that you are the creator of the work, and can prove the date of original creation.

If you want a good (but not foolproof) way of protecting valuable text you should produce a copy of it both on disk and on paper. Put the copies in an envelope and send them to yourself by special delivery. Before posting, seal the envelope in such a way that it will be obvious if it's opened. The envelope will arrive with a nice shiny label showing the date of posting. Don't open it - keep it ready for the day when you may need to prove your right to copyright in the material. If you are exceptionally nervy you can send a second copy to your solicitor for safe-keeping.

The disk in the envelope will of course have a time/date stamped copy of the file, which is an additional check on the date. This method isn't infallible, because it would theoretically be possible to open the envelope and replace/alter the contents.

Alternatively you can pay £60 to the UK copyright service, and they'll verify your copyright for a period of 10 years. As I said earlier, this form of registration is not necessary - your copyright still exists if you don't do it - but it certainly helps in the event of a court action.

  Glyn-252301 18:05 29 Jun 2003

Thanks for that information, I have a need to protect my work and its good to know that some things can be done without a second mortgage. Many thanks.

Regards G.

  -pops- 18:09 29 Jun 2003

For information, as you have mentioned patents, as things are at present, you can file a GB Patent Application entirely free of charge. At the end of one year you either have to proceed towards full Application or let it lapse.

That is, of course, if you do it yourself. Using an attorney will cost - cost big!!!!


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