how can i convert film soundtracks for vcd

  julian-278892 13:25 22 Jan 2003
  julian-278892 13:25 22 Jan 2003

I am trying to convert a downloaded film to play as a vcd, i can convert the picture file ok but the soundtrack comes up as uncompatible. any ideas?

  stlucia 14:10 22 Jan 2003

What format is the film in when you download it? It needs to be in the correct MPEG format for recording as a VCD. You can get freeware which converts formats -- I use something called "TPEMG Decoder", or something like that. It allows you to specify separate picture and sound sources and combine them into a single VCD MPEG. I'll check the proper name if you want.

  stlucia 12:40 23 Jan 2003

Follow-on received by email: "Thanks for that, if you could let me know it would help, i seem to be able to convert from avi to mpeg but the sound file comes up as uncompatible?"

OK. Your problem seems to be that there are several different variations on the MPEG format, and you need to create the right one for your application. I'm aware of at least 4 different formats -- multimedia, vcd, svcd, and dvd -- and there may be even more. The software I'm thinking of will convert to/from all of those formats, and it treats the soundtrack differently if necessary in case its a different format from the pictures. I'll get back to you tomorrow with its proper name.

By the way, post any follow-ups with the original thread so that others can see how you're getting on and, most importantly, if the problem is solved.

  julian-278892 13:40 23 Jan 2003

Thanks from rizzo to stlucia i await the furter details.

  stlucia 08:51 24 Jan 2003

The software I was thinking of is "TMPGEncoder". When I got it a couple of years ago it was free, but I see that it's now costs -- though I think there's still a free evaluation period.

Search for the name using Google, and you'll find the details.

If this isn't what you're after, I'm sure there's other similar software that can be recommended by other forum contributors.

  julian-278892 09:13 24 Jan 2003

Thanks to stlucia. I will try this and post result.

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