How can I convert a file in Open Office to Wordpad

  micemews 00:34 28 Feb 2008

Does anyone know how to convert a file set up in Open Office Writer to Notepad please?

  ton 00:38 28 Feb 2008

Copy and paste?

  micemews 00:53 28 Feb 2008

Thanks very much ton for your very prompt reply which I must say was not expected at this unearthly time of night. It works perfectly.

  micemews 00:55 28 Feb 2008

Thanks again ton

  ton 02:41 28 Feb 2008

Nice to hear you are sorted.

  octal 07:17 28 Feb 2008

The other way is to save it as Text Encoded .TXT in the save drop down menu, which will open in notepad as well.

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