How can I check what was downloaded?

  southpaw 13:06 09 Apr 2006


Something just downloaded and I'm not sure what it was.

Usually when I download vids and music I download to desktop. I was just downloading some music and noticed another download but this hasn't gone to the desktop.

It may be something I downloaded but how can I check.

I'm using Win XP.

Thanks in adavnce.

  spuds 13:21 09 Apr 2006

Now if you used a download manager, you could have the answer perhaps!.

  phil46 13:21 09 Apr 2006

Try spyware to find them.

  southpaw 13:23 09 Apr 2006

I used to use DAP but a lot of people don't recommend it due to spyware.

I then used a program that was recommended (can't remember name) and I found it not too good (def not as good as DAP was)

  rawprawn 13:36 09 Apr 2006

Do a Search for *.* on C:Drive and use advanced search for "Date Modified" and specfy the date of the download.

  Graham ® 13:37 09 Apr 2006

If it's downloaded, it has to be on the hard drive somewhere. Open My Computer, and explore Hard Drives (this is usually 'C').

  terryf 14:29 09 Apr 2006

for the future, if you use Firefox to control the download, it can be set up to always ask where to save, IMO you should set up a downloads folder with sub-folders for different subjects, hope you find your errant download. If you use ewin explorer and click on the date column it will sort and you cansee which file was latest (provided that you use 'details' and not 'thumbnails'

  nikef 16:25 09 Apr 2006

terryf what does imo mean thanks

  Diemmess 16:40 09 Apr 2006

I n....M y....O pinion

  nikef 16:49 09 Apr 2006

thanks diemmess

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