how can I change drop down list arrow colour?

  powertool 21:04 16 Sep 2004

When I tried to re-create the drop down box from the table the BBC site here:

click here

I found that the drop down arrow on my version is sort of blue; which clashes with the brown!

I guess that the solution lies in the style sheet. Does anyone know how I can read the style sheet from the BBC site, or how I can change the colour of the arrow?

Thanks for your help.

  powertool 21:47 18 Sep 2004

this is a bit embarrassing - but I swear that it wasn't blue yesterday! I had the two browser windows open side by side and the BBC one was black.

I don't use software, I write all my pages up in HTML myself. That's why, when I see a page I like I tend to want to look at the source to see how they did it. I quite liked the colour scheme on the BBC page and wanted to see what palette they used.

Meanwhile - does anyone know if it is possible to change the colour of the drop down arrow?!

  powertool 22:38 18 Sep 2004

the drop down arrow is monochrome when viewed on AOL's integrated browser, but blue when viewed on MSIE. It doesn't get me much further forward, but at least I didn't imagine it!

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