how can i attach these???

  fire 23:59 04 Sep 2003

my mb has two ide ports and im running 1hd and dvdrom, dvdrw and cdrw, is there a way i can attach a second hard drive without removing the cdrw for instance...thanks

  krypt1c 00:07 05 Sep 2003

You can get a PCI card that you can connect IDE devices to. btw if you go that way put your 2nd hdd with your 1st hdd and move your dvdrom / dvdrw / cdrw (whicever is slave to your hdd) off.

  fire 00:18 05 Sep 2003

where the best and cheapest place to get one of these from and how do i attach it ....many thanks

  rickf 08:16 05 Sep 2003

welllyyyoou don't need the cdrw drive 'cause the dvdrw acts also as a cdrw, at least on my model I think this is pretty standard. You then have an extra space to attach another device in its place.

  rickf 08:17 05 Sep 2003

Should read-well you don't... Don't know what went wrong. My keyboard is set to fast, I think.

  krypt1c 18:58 05 Sep 2003

It's not something I've used myself but found 2 at click here. I assume it's just a question of opening your case, fitting the card, then connecting your device.

  mrdsgs 20:15 05 Sep 2003

you need a pci ide card that will allow up to 4 more ide devices. Promise is the best make. I've just taken one out of my system when i changed motherboard to a RAID system. E-mail me if you want more info, i could be persuaded to sell it!

It has drivers and instruction book. £25.00?

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