How can I assassinate a spammer ?

  Karma_Train 15:07 07 Nov 2003

For weeks now my OE inbox has been flooded with one particularly nasty e-mail. It claims to originate from my ISP and to have found a virus in a sent message. The e-mail itself contains loads of hyperlinks, presumably to lots of yummy actual viruses.
I started off by creating rules in OE which sent them straight to my delete folder but the sheer volume of them made me want to become a bit more proactive, so I installed 'Mailwasher' and began bouncing them all, which acheived absolutely nothing, I`m still getting them by the drove and it`s making me very, very, angry.
The thing is that they all come from the same source and I have the I.D. number in front of me as I write.
Does anyone know of anything practical I can do to get this joker off my case? or do I have to meekly sit here hitting delete half a million times a day for the rest of my natural?
All suggestions gratefully received, the nastier the better. Love and peace, Charlie.

  DieSse 15:10 07 Nov 2003

Complain to their ISP.

I'll give you an alibi ;-))

  DieSse 15:12 07 Nov 2003

Ah - it's your ISP - try complaining to them, and see if they can do anything.

  Jester2K II 15:17 07 Nov 2003

1) don't open spam

2) don't respond to spam

3) don't bounce spam

4) just delete it.

If you think you know the real address its coming from the change the beginning to abuse so spammer @ would beome abuse @ - tell them about it..

When you say "I have the I.D. number in front of me " what exactly do you have?

  hoverman 15:29 07 Nov 2003

Although it may be inconvenient, I can only suggest a change of e-mail address.

  Karma_Train 15:30 07 Nov 2003

To be more acurate the number I have is the IP address as displayed as a decimal i.e. ***.***.**.***.

DieSse, no it just claims to come from my provider but has nothing to do with them, looks a bit Russian in origin.

  Karma_Train 15:33 07 Nov 2003

No can do I`m afraid, this is coming via my personal domain, I would have to change provider and lose the domain as well.

  alB 15:38 07 Nov 2003

I tend to agree with Hoverman, I had exactly the same problem with hotmail, no matter what I tried every day I was receiving 75-100 junk e-mail offering everything and anything, in the end I gave up and ditched the address, a pain letting people know the new address but it cured the problem (for now)...alB

  Karma_Train 16:23 07 Nov 2003

Surely though having the source IP address must give me some access to something? can I not discover his/her physical location, provider or the like in order to complain. What other information does this number give me access to?

alB as I said in the post before yours, changing address is not an option for me as this stuff is coming via my domain and besides aint that just running away from a problem? there has to be an alternative, I suppose nukin` him is out of the question (",)

  obbit 16:28 07 Nov 2003

in OE highlight the message concerned and click on the message tab and click "block sender"
unless it's a hotmail account then you can't. you have to got to msn messenger and block sender from there

  Belatucadrus 16:42 07 Nov 2003

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