how can I access bbc I player with windows 7 64 bit?

  dereklove8 19:25 11 Jun 2012

I downloaded Adobe Flash Player, but BBC I player would not stream. BBC help section said that I could not access BBC I Player with Windows 7 64 bit.

  Nontek 20:06 11 Jun 2012

I have Win7 64bit and have no problem accessing BBCi Player.

When I went on to BBCi Player a few moments ago it did pop-up an update to Adobe Flash Player, but all went as normal.

  Woolwell 20:21 11 Jun 2012

I too have W7 64 bit and don't have a problem. Which browser are you using?

  Miké 20:28 11 Jun 2012

Are you using internet explorer? If so make sure you are using the 32bit version!

  hssutton 20:34 11 Jun 2012

Have no idea what the problem is for you, but I've been relegated to the PC to watch football on Iplayer. Never watched Iplayer before, but it's working perfectly OK for me W7 64 bit

  Woolwell 20:45 11 Jun 2012

iPlayer works ok on my IE9 64 bit.

  john bunyan 21:36 11 Jun 2012

Works OK for me also on 2 W7 64 bit PC's with IE9.

  Miké 22:01 11 Jun 2012

Check which version of the two supplied versions of IE is being used, if its the 64bit then the easiest option is to use 'Win 7 64bits' 32bit version of IE.

If that makes sense!

  Woolwell 22:40 11 Jun 2012

Miké - I've already stated that it works on 64 bit of IE9 and on 32 bit version. Changing version shouldn't make a difference.

  Miké 22:44 11 Jun 2012


It does if the OP only has the 32bit version of Flash Player installed!

  dereklove8 19:38 13 Jun 2012

Thanks. The problem was an over zealous anti virus programme which blocked a lot of websites. I have removed it and installed a free anti virus proframme and everything now works with Windows 7 64 bit


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