How can this have worked

  bumpkin 22:31 13 Nov 2014

Win7 upgrade disc came with refurbished PC about 3yrs ago. I put it in another PC with just a blank HDD and it installed W7 and works.

  lotvic 23:50 13 Nov 2014

robintheumpteenth, I've found you have to put in at least 3 or more spaces after you have posted a link or the first word after the link gets dropped down to the bottom of your post - like yours has :)

  BT 07:54 14 Nov 2014

you have to put in at least 3 or more spaces after you have posted a link

Or just put the link on a line on its own by pressing Enter twice before and after the link.

  lotvic 12:02 14 Nov 2014

Testing of link as per BT

click here it worked? (if so, thanks BT)


  lotvic 12:07 14 Nov 2014

Oh dear, I failed..

This time the words "it worked? (if so, thanks BT)" jumped UP to the same line as the link.

Perhaps we should start a new thread about it, instead of hijacking bumpkin's W7 install thread?

  Jollyjohn 12:16 14 Nov 2014

bumpkin - Has W7 been activated on this new install?

I suspect after 30 days you will get message that "This installation is not genuine" but it will continue to work with these nagging messages.

  bumpkin 14:05 14 Nov 2014

Jollyjohn, what you say is exactly what I expected to happen.

It told me when installing that the key I entered was invalid and then carried on with the instal. It then said it required activating so I used the same key and it activated successfully. That is really the bit that puzzled me and prompted my posting.

  Jollyjohn 18:58 15 Nov 2014


I recently sorted out some computers for a customer after her husband had passed away. I found he had installed the same copy of W7 on several computers / hard drives and at least 2 of them were working with no nagging messages. I know they were the same as I ran Produkey to check. On another occasion I tried to reuse a key and got the message "This key is already in use" or similar but the installation continued and worked albeit with nagging messages.

So maybe W7 activation was not as draconian as we all feared??

Let me know in 30 days time if it starts with the "windows not genuine messages"

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