How to calculate number of files in a # of folders

  siliconbits 21:49 23 May 2003

Yeah I know. Alt+enter to display properties. Thing is that it is not working properly for me. System is Windows XP. Area of work is "d" partition formatted FAT32. Going to root, then selecting folders and doing alt+enter gives 13,000 files or so. However, going through each folders and manually counting the number of files bring ups 22,000 files or so... How to account for that differnce.

  DieSse 00:00 24 May 2003

I suspect the problem is, that in FAT, folders are actually stored as files on the disk - there is no difference in their structure - so it may be diffucult for the calculator used to tell the difference.

In XP/NTFS - the status bar shows them both as "objects" - and a quick look in a sample set gave the correct number of files and folders in a small set - so perhaps the calculator here has an easier job in distinguishing the two and getting it's summs correct.

  siliconbits 07:41 24 May 2003

Yeah... But is there anyway of getting things right? Is there any software who can have the thing done?

  DieSse 09:49 24 May 2003

Sorry - don't know - it's never been an issue for me.

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