How to burn an ISO image to the HD

  Luca M 14:35 07 Aug 2004

I have an .iso file on my computer over 700MB so I cannot burn it to a CD and dont really want to buy a DVD-RW. Is there a way to burn the .iso image to the HD?

  Luca M 14:58 07 Aug 2004

Thanks Bela, but how do you use this program to open the .iso file. I cant copy the image to CD as it is to big but want to open it up and use the data in it without copying it to a DVD.

  bremner 15:05 07 Aug 2004

What you need is a virtual CD Rom click here

  Luca M 15:22 07 Aug 2004

Bremner, i cant seem to get this to work. Is there another program to do this as this program is a little fiddly?

  Eric10 19:40 07 Aug 2004

Just how big is the file? ISO image files are always larger than the actual space they take up on a CD. Try burning it to a 700Mb CD-RW first then you won't be wasting a CD if anything goes wrong. You don't copy the image to the CD, you BURN it to produce a working CD. If using Nero 6 it's under 'Recorder, Burn Image...' other burning software have similar options or sometimes double-clicking the ISO will open your burning software with the correct options in place.

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