How to burn

  apollogeemark 23:34 24 Apr 2004


Any advice on how to copy my SVCD’s I tried copy ,through send to ,but they all came out as date file which didn’t play.
I have Nero would I be able to copy the SVCD with that , using the backup section, or would that come out as date file as well.
I want to copy them to the hard drive and not to re-burn straight away.


  musicman19 05:48 25 Apr 2004

Send to does not copy a disc.
If you have Nero simply select Copy Disc from the wizard and you'll be fine.

  apollogeemark 13:00 25 Apr 2004

Hi. Thanks for the info.
I really want to save a copy to hard drive but doing as you said seems to only let me burn another disc at the time.

  stalion 13:11 25 Apr 2004

You need to select hd burn you can then select where to save on your hard drive.Regards

  Smiler 14:07 25 Apr 2004

you could use the copy disc in nero click on copy disc when the new compilation box appears click on image tab, in the box "image file" give the file a suitable name then untick the box "Delete image after disk copy". When nero has copied the disk to hard drive it will ask for a disk to be inserted, just click on cancel and you should have a file on your hard drive that is an image of the disk which you can burn to disc at a later time.

  Smiler 14:17 25 Apr 2004


  apollogeemark 15:08 25 Apr 2004

Hi Smiler I tried the above but it will only do this if I actually burn the copy, and not cancelling as you said.

  pj123 16:29 25 Apr 2004

I think you would need to "record" this back to your hard disk in real time. I use LP Recorder for this purpose, but a good free one is jetaudio from click here

  frazky 17:34 25 Apr 2004

the '.dat' files CAN be played in your PC.. right click and open any MPEG player...
have you searched this forum as there are old threads on this.
... images of CD's can be kept on your PC HD as '.iso' files.
.. again lots of info on old threads.

  apollogeemark 22:03 25 Apr 2004


How do i select the HD as you said

  stalion 22:21 25 Apr 2004

checked it out will not work on svcd's

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