How to break into Win XP Home ED

  helpmeagain 20:39 29 May 2005

AS many of you know i work on a help desk, but tonight i seem to have lost my brain. Can any one help with this question.

Client has Win XP home ED, wants to log on to computer but there is no icon for user and password, just a blue screen and WElcome note, He has tried safe mode but this option does not work.

I think it is either a virus, corrupt registry, or a missing file.

Any other idea's on what he could try

  VoG II 20:44 29 May 2005

Restart and keep tapping F8 key just before the Windows screen loads. From the boot menu select Safe Mode with Command Prompt. At the > prompt type


and click OK to launch System Restore.

  helpmeagain 20:51 29 May 2005

how would my client then be able to log on at the welcome screen

  stalion 20:53 29 May 2005

has your client logged on successfully in the past if so restoring to an earlier date should enable him or her to log on again

  helpmeagain 20:57 29 May 2005

the client is going to try the above, however in the past the computer has never asked for a password, i think it is either a virus or corrputed file somewhere. any other ideas

  VoG II 20:58 29 May 2005

If he/she can restore to a time when all was working normally then between you (and us?) we might find a fix.

Quite frankly I think that you have a damn cheek as a supposed professional to come here to ask for advice. All of us on here give our advice freely and nobody gets paid. Your response to your other thread today to which I suggested a fix hardly inspired confidence.

I suggest that, if in future you don't know the answer, that you simply admit defeat and direct your clients here where there is a wealth of expertise.

  helpmeagain 21:05 29 May 2005

thank you for you help today, please may add that i do get paid, however i get paid 25p for every caller and as i am new to this with hardly any training from my company i am doing the best i can i usually do my own research from books/internet/worshop leflets when i am not taking calls. i will however remove myself from this site if you have taken such offence to you
I would also pay if it was possible to join a site like this for the help and knowlege of such individual like yourself, most of the clients do not e-mail me back to say the problem is fixed or say thank you. i am trying my best. thank you for your help

  stalion 21:15 29 May 2005

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing especially whem giving advice on computer problems your company should make sure anyone giving such advice is competent to do so.
If you have had next to no training and as you are aware it takes a very long time to gain a vast amount of computer knowledge you have my sympathy.One has to ask questions of the company you work for is it all about money

  dan11 21:21 29 May 2005

I think that is a little strong. Surely we try to help anyone, as long as they are not abusive. It does not matter what their colour, religion or professions are. I'll even help an estate agent if I can.

As to professionals coming here for advice. They are many forum members who do run small businesses, some computer repair shops, who get stuck. Even the FE, you can't get more professional, has on occasion asked for help for a client. Excel I think it was. Has this person been abusive or belittled any forum member. have I missed something?


I am sorry I can not help you with this problem, but if I can with any future ones. I will try.

  helpmeagain 21:29 29 May 2005

i have lots of computer knowlegde and certtificates but i find i can do the job when i sit in front of the computer, i find it difficult to do it over the phone. I have been working in this job for 29 days. The company i work for gets you to log the information on a help desk, but never calls clients back, they wait for the client to call back at £1.50 a/min
sometimes they can not fix the problem so the client is back to squre 1, however i try to help by doing research by using books/interenet/my friends/forum. And i call back at my own expence. As a christian i m finding this job very hard because i feel the company is ripping the customer off and not giving the level of customer service i would like to see

  The Spires 21:32 29 May 2005

helpmeagain, I don't think you should stop posting.

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