how to break my laptop!

  23eckham 13:42 07 Oct 2011

hey guys, i know its abit weird but my laptop insurance company are being a total di*k to me, even though i paid £150 for my insurance. its a long story... anyway, i want to break my laptop somehow so they send me a new one. any ideas??

  Cymro. 13:58 07 Oct 2011

I rather look forward to some of the answer to this one.

  compumac 14:06 07 Oct 2011

Does not deserve an answer

  cocteau48 14:07 07 Oct 2011


I would not hold your breath waiting for any answers.

This should obviously have been posted on the forum for "Please help me defraud my insurance company .com"

  birdface 14:12 07 Oct 2011

I don't think you will get any answers from this forum maybe try another one.

What you are suggesting is not legal and the truthful answer is we cannot help anyone commit a crime or fraud.

  Terry Brown 14:23 07 Oct 2011

The insurance company may well demand to see the computer and test it for themselves, they are not idiots and any damage deliberalty caused, will be found and you will lose your laptop and not recieve a penny back.

You may also be put on a register (which all insurance companies can check), this can make it very difficult (and more expensive) to get insurance in the future:

This can include Car insurance.


  cocteau48 14:45 07 Oct 2011

Wise words from Terry Brown and,as per Watchdog last night,all queries,not just claims,are logged on the register against your name.

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