How to boost Wirelles Signal?

  [DELETED] 21:43 22 Jun 2006

Hi ppl,

I wish to know if you know about any sites that contain usefull information about building a homewade wirelles routers. Because i want to add a friend's computer which his house is about 300m away from mine. I own the router and he have a pci wirelles card. How could he connect to my router? Do he need to have also an homemade boosted antenna connecting with a homedmade boosted atenna connected to my router?

Any help would be appreciated,

Thanks ppl

  Forum Editor 09:05 24 Jun 2006

of your broadband service prohibit the sharing of the connection with another postal address, and in any case you would have great difficulty in extending a reliable connection over a 300 metre distance by using a conventional wireless router.

  [DELETED] 09:41 24 Jun 2006

Forum Editor,

I did not mention that i will share my internet connection ............and i will not for sure do it. I only wish that our computers even when he does not have internet we could play games with each others .... and many other things.. Is that legal?

  Forum Editor 10:20 24 Jun 2006

from one building to another via a wireless network, and you may find that you can do it by using a special antenna click here for a low-cost solution that can, under ideal circumstances, extend the range over the kind of distance you're talking about.

  Forum Editor 10:23 24 Jun 2006

I made the comment about internet connection sharing because in your other thread click here you asked for help with ........wireless internet connection sharing.

It seemed like a bit of a coincidence to me.

  [DELETED] 10:28 24 Jun 2006

oh i c

i just wanted to ask also if it is possible to share internet connection to my computers only but not to my friend's computer. Is it possible? Do i need any programs? Do i need any configuration in the settings?

Thanks forwardly for any replies
Nazzarenu Boy

  Forum Editor 19:47 24 Jun 2006

is by enabling encryption. If you look at your router's manual you'll see a section that tells you how to do this.

It involves setting an alpha-numeric access key, which has to be submitted to the router each time a computer tries to connect. The first time a computer tries to connect wirelessly the router will prompt for the key. You only have to type this once - Windows will automatically submit the key after that.

Only those people who have the key can establish a wireless connection via your router. The problem is, you'll also have to provide the key to your friend if he/she wants to share files via the router, so he/she will have access to your broadband connection as well.

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