how to block undesirable content from internet??

  new214 12:09 28 Feb 2010

Hiya all I wanted to know if there is any good ways out there to block adult content from the internet? I know on many pages e.g. msn etc they use advertising which I dont want blocked out but other sexual content I want blocked - how can I do this?

I've tried the content advisor in IE but each time I go to a normal page e.g. it says enter your password and "this page doesnt have a rating" - and that happens quite alot even on normal pages. Ive tried to alter the setting ...

Is there any other ways or software I can use or buy to filter out adult content? I know on google they use a safe search but that can easily be changed so any advice?

  Batch 12:17 28 Feb 2010

My router has a highly configurable content filter (e.g. a multitude of different categories) which references a server to determine whether a web site (IP address) should be blocked.

I did try it once and it seemed to work OK.

Alternatively just search for content filtering software and you come up with a whole host of options. For example: click here

  provider 2 12:21 28 Feb 2010

Content blockers are usually available in the "preferences" section of your search engine.

Here`s the one for bing: click here

Other than that you may want to try a parental control program, either free or paid-for.

  provider 2 12:37 28 Feb 2010

... that WOT will give you advance warning of dodgy sites click here not just regarding content but of malware also.

  cocteau48 12:45 28 Feb 2010

Two freeware parental filter progams here:
click here

  new214 15:32 28 Feb 2010

Thanks for all the suggestions - Net nanny seems okay but you have to subscribe which I dont want to do.

As for the WOT option I can see its free but cant seem to find much information on how it filters out adult content or how it works?

As for k9 option - seems okay but on their site they mention that all content is passed through their own k9 servers - doesnt this make it vunerable to online shopping etc?

regarding changing search facility setting i dont think this is a proper option as there are so many search engines and even if you did configure the settings you would still be able to access adult content striaght to the site.

Still need some guidance but will look at those 2 options ...

  mark2 15:53 28 Feb 2010

Look into Opendns click here basic version is free with web content filtering and may be all you require

  provider 2 16:23 28 Feb 2010

I`m not entirely sure of the information about WOT that you feel is missing but does this help?

click here

Parental Control - This setting provides the ultimate protection against sites with poor and unknown reputations. If a site is rated poorly in the child safety component or if a site has no rating at all, then WOT will block it from loading. Be aware that good sites can potentially be blocked because they have not received a rating yet.

How can I change the protection settings?
You can edit your protection settings manually by going to the welcome page and selecting a different option:
click here

Can I choose my own settings?
Yes, you can customize WOT however you want. Access Settings by opening the add-on and clicking in the top right corner. Look through each of the tabs and choose which settings you want. Remember to click the Apply settings button before leaving the area to make your choices stick.

  Terry Brown 16:28 28 Feb 2010

The chances are the sites you want to block are also Phishing sites, If you are on IE7 orIE8, turn on the Phishng filter (tools), and this should either block them or warn you if they are.

  Input Overload 10:14 01 Mar 2010

As cocteau48 mentioned K9 is quite good & free, I use it on my 9 year olds laptop.

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