How to block sites and MSN messenger

  cadley 08:31 18 Mar 2005

Does anyone know of any software that will block access to certain sites (I know net nanny does) but is timed so that between certain times it is allowed and also the same for MSN messenger and all its ilk something that will block it between certain times........this is because I would like my daughter to do some home/course work for A. S. level, but I don't want to stop her going on and talking to her friends completely....just limit it
Thanks in advance

  Taw® 09:30 18 Mar 2005

cadley if your daughter is anything like mine then, she will no more on how to get round a block, than you do with putting one on. From experience, I found that by talking to my daughter we were able to reach a compromise on the time she spent on MSN etc and her studies. Kids even younger than your daughter write programmes to circumnavigate such intrusions on their surfing habits. if anything this will bump you back to the top of the page.

  cadley 09:40 18 Mar 2005

Trouble is she is hooked on a few normal forums and of course messenger ...the minute the computer goes on she is straight in there ...we are having a battle of wills at the moment ...she had no internet access last night because she couldn't wait 1/2 an hour ...the good thing is she is not too up programing or how computers work so a timed block would work but I can't find one ...I am sure someone must have written one or maybe it is already part of things like net nanny they just don't tell you about it!
Thanks for the bump anyway

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