How best to wipe a HDD?

  Clapton is God 17:10 08 Apr 2012

I'm about to get rid of my 10-year old XP PC and replace it with a brand spanking new Windows 7 machine.

After I've transferred all my files, photos, etc from the old machine to the new machine, can members recommend the best free software to 'nuke' the old HDD so that info cannot be retrieved from it?

  john bunyan 17:24 08 Apr 2012

If you do not want to physically cut up or shred the HD ( I used a hacksaw on my very old 10gig one) There are a number of drive erasers, but I would look at CCleaner. In Tools,Drive Wiper, you can choose various overwrite settings.I would have thought that after you have deleted your data files and use the 7 passes option, all will be un restorable.Have a look: CCleaner

  Nontek 17:26 08 Apr 2012

Other than completely destroying the old HD by smashing/burning/dismantling, it is just not possible to completely wipe a hard drive.

I would advice replacing the drive with a new empty drive, or sell it without a drive.

I have very recently done the same thing, bought a shiny new laptop and gave away my old desktop, minus its' drive which I have retained and will re-format to use as spare capacity.

  Clapton is God 17:30 08 Apr 2012

Thanks for your responses.

I've always used CCleaner to 'clean' my HDD but never realised it had a 'wipe' facility as well!

Looks like that might be the way to go.

  Devil Fish 17:48 08 Apr 2012

my preferred weapon for wiping hard drives is killdisk

if you fancy a look download create a cd from it then use cd to boot machine

  john bunyan 17:52 08 Apr 2012

BTW the CCleaner wipe on 7 passes takes a long time, maybe an overnight job.

  Devil Fish 17:57 08 Apr 2012

7 passes stick with Ccleaner then free version of kill disk only passes once

  john bunyan 18:29 08 Apr 2012

Yes but the OS will remain on and do ensure you delete all data first.

  robin_x 18:42 08 Apr 2012

If wanting to keep a copy of XP on the drive, I would re-install from the CD, or Recovery Partition, then wipe the empty space.

It's too difficult to find everything and delete manually, before wiping.

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