how to-best connection to output laptop to tv?

  theDarkness 22:03 16 Feb 2012

The laptop has 2x standard usb (usb-a?) 2x network (the two monitor symbol, and one monitor symbol) 1x s-video 1x usb, possibly usb-b 1x vga 1x very small-labelled as '1394', 4-pin-usb? 1x RJ11 Cable 1x ethernet 3x audio rca connections at front of laptop (blue,red,green-line in,microphone,headphone)

The widescreen tv has 1x hdmi socket plus component in (Pr/Pb/Y) with L+R audio.

Is it possible to output the laptop video and audio to the tv, eg via pc usb to the tv's hdmi socket? If not, is there another way-whats the best cable to use? Ill assume if its possible to connect an hdmi cable to usb on the laptop I may have issues with the display ratio or trying to get audio. It would save alot of time being able to show media on the tv-wirelessly or not-but I dont like the idea of having to use multiple cables :) thanks

  KRONOS the First 08:01 17 Feb 2012

It would have been simpler if you had just posted make and model of laptop, then we can have a look at the specs and give you the correct advice.

  Ian in Northampton 10:04 17 Feb 2012

I don't think there's a simple way to do what you want to do. Does your TV not have 'VGA in'? (Most modern TVs do). You can't, I don't think, just output from your VGA output to your TV's HDMI input - the two aren't compatible. You'll probably need something like this:

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:06 17 Feb 2012

Is it possible to output the laptop video and audio to the tv, eg via pc usb to the tv's hdmi socket?

No, video is not transmitted via the USB ports

Ill assume if its possible to connect an hdmi cable to usb

See above

Does the TV have a VGA and audio jack, input most modern ones do?

Best quality connection in your case would be VGA to RCA see here, although you may want a longer cable, plus an Audio cable here

  theDarkness 15:03 17 Feb 2012

yes, theres a vga socket, I didnt realize as it was in an odd place at the back-and theres a "pc sound" jack next to it.

  Ian in Northampton 15:45 17 Feb 2012

Problem solved?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:49 17 Feb 2012

So Audio cable but may need a loner one

Video Vga CAble here

  theDarkness 16:39 17 Feb 2012

I found one upstairs 5 mins ago-just long enough, works fine from the tvs pc audio connector to headphone jack, in stereo, thanks :) handy for using the internet on a larger screen too, but not all websites want to change font size :)

  theDarkness 21:14 17 Feb 2012

Fruit Bat /\0/\ >> sorry to bump, you say VGA to RCA gives a better result than a straight VGA to VGA? Some web forums and comparisons suggest the complete opposite. I think they may be referring to regular RCA however (red/white/yellow?) and not 'component', which is the same as 'RCA component' (red/green/blue in your link)-would this be correct?

My tv image just using vga is excellent, although I think there is some very low audio interference up close. thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:18 17 Feb 2012

No VGa to VGa is better than VDA to RCA at the time you didn't say you had a Vga on the TV

VGA is better than your other option of Svideo

  theDarkness 22:10 17 Feb 2012

My second post was relating to the tv vga - thanks, all I need, I seem to already have :)

Some websites label YPbPr on the tv as only being for RGB (red, green, blue) analog 'RGB component' cables, but after seeing red, green, blue labelled as 'RCA component' in your link, added confusion. So im not sure if RCA component (red,green,blue) is essentially the same thing or compatible with RGB, if they both use the same color code? Is this true, or does it depend on what devices are being used?

Some websites show RCA as only being yellow, white, and red. I would have assumed that this is not the same thing as RCA component or RGB component, but one site stated I may be able to use RCA cables (yellow,white,red) in RGB component jacks (red/blue/green)-that doesnt sound likely?

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