How best to clean your PC from local hack

  stannerz 09:15 31 Dec 2012

I run a wordpress website that has been hacked since August. Mainly fishing and over each month getting more and more folders and files in to my back end. I have changed all log in details, tired to change htaccess codes, reinstalled clean themes and folders plugins etc. Initially my host provider removed the folders, Yet this time they have said the site contained html hack landing page a few php shell scripts. They have also created a fake paypal fishing site was established. the files were uploaded via FTP after a successful login. They also indicate that the IP address which they were uploaded from was in Great Britain. This is a different IP than most of the connections to my account, but there was also an upload of a number of images to a wp-content/uploads/gallery from it.

Now my host is saying it is possible that there is a security problem on my local computer. I have run scans on my pc to make sure that it is free of malware. Malwarebytes, Super Antispyware (both free editions). I have a McAfee AV and scan frequently.

Is there any more I can do to detect if my computer has scripts, malware or anything on it.

I am even considering system restore. I run vista. I know its not as secure as Win7 is this something I should change?

If you need anymore information let me know.

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