How to be more creative with NOF8

  flick 22:20 11 Feb 2005

I have been using NOF8 to create and update a website for about 4 months now. It's meant to showcase some of the better photos my husband takes on our frequent visits to Iceland.

Now that I've got the hang of photo-gallery I would like to improve on its style. eg the options for framing the thumbnails are a bit limited - if you want something simple they don't tile across the page evenly and the ones that do are, IMHO, rather chunky and intrusive.

I started designing my own thumbnails but then couldn't work out how to retain all the other benefits of photo-gallery such as easily transferring images into the gallery,stacked pages and thus the ability to scroll through the enlarged images.

How do I go about adapting what is otherwise proving to be very useful software?

  PurplePenny 23:57 11 Feb 2005

I can't answer your question as I'm not familiar with NOF but I'd love to see the photos of Iceland.

  flick 00:16 12 Feb 2005

Thank you for your interest Purple Penny. The address is click here I was reluctant to post the URL because I don't want to seem as though I'm advertising on a help forum. If you have any comments of the design/layout they would be most gratefully received.

My husband has always been keen on photography(and birds) and now that he's 'gone digital' setting up a website seemed a good way to combine my computing interests with his photography.

  PurplePenny 14:08 12 Feb 2005

Your husband's photos are just stunning and the site that you have created shows them off beautifully. The only minor point is that some of the darker photos might benefit from a pale border to stop them blending into the background. But maybe not - it didn't stop me wanting to see the larger image of the lava flow at dusk.

Comments on the e-commerce side: I know that the price of the images varies according to size and usage but it would be useful to have a guide price. You could say, for instance, "price varies from £X.xx for a {size/resolution} photo for use as a screen saver to £X.xx for a {size/resolution} photo suitable for printing and framing". Or you cold provide a list of typical prices.

There are some bits of information that you are legally obliged to provide on an e-commerce site;
Trading Standards produce a reallly useful set of guidelines for selling online:

click here

You will probably be exempt from one aspect of it (the customer's right to cancel) as I would imagine that photos sent as e-mails come under the category of "goods that cannot, by their nature, be returned". To make sure have a look at the Office of Fair Trading's Distance Selling information:
click here

.... but I still can't help you with the NOF problem :-(

  flick 17:49 12 Feb 2005

Many thanks for the compliments PP.
I take your point about the borders. Actually I would like to use something much simpler for the thumbnails (the drop shadow I use for the larger pics would be fine) but this is not available within NOF's photogallery thumbnail options.

There are simpler border options but then portrait and landscape photos are not evenly tiled across the page and it looks very untidy.

I had also thought of designing my own thumbnails with pop-ups for larger images but don't know how to achieve the stacked pages and scroll through that photo-gallery offers.

If it were possible I would like to tinker with the code to achieve this but don't really know where to start - hence my question!

We are very aware that we are somewhat vague about pricing and have been checking around in our potential market for 'going rates'. When we have a better handle on it we will try to be more specific. Thankyou for the links, however, because if we did actually sell anything it will be helpful to know the rules.

  peabody 12:03 13 Feb 2005

I took a look at your site and stayed half an hour. The pictures are absolutely stunning. I was especially impressed with the photos of birds - gannets and puffins and the bird in flight. We live in sight of the Bass Rock so have gannets and puffins on our doorstep.

As for the picture gallery, if you wanted to try different software you could try FrontPage which has a photogallery facility. It creates the thumbnails and you get a choice of layout (tiled, scrolling etc).

Hope this helps.

  flick 14:20 13 Feb 2005

Thanks Peabody.
I'm glad you liked the photos, especially the birds, because it was difficult deciding the tradeoff between crispness of the original image and speed of downloading.

I have only tried NOF (it came free with the webhosting from 1 & 1) but I'll have a look at FrontPage.

  Taran 00:27 14 Feb 2005

You can use the drop shadow effect on thumbnails in NetObjects 8 (and previous versions if memory serves).

When creating your image gallery, click on the "Thumbnail Page" tab. Select 'Drop Shadow' from the 'Template' drop down list, then select whether you want the shadow applied from the left or right.

Like Penny and peabody I also enjoyed the images on your site immensely.

They brought some very happy memories back for me.

Well done !

  flick 11:04 14 Feb 2005

Thanks Taran for your input. The problem with using drop shadow with the thumbnails is that if you have a mixture of landscape and portrait images, they do not tile evenly across the page and look a bit untidy.

Your response to boyzone's question about images click here led me to discover photogallery in Photoshop Elements which I'm now experimenting with to see if I can achieve the effect I'm after.

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